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PT112 (1x12") Cabinet:

PINETONE's 1x12 guitar cabinets are built rock solid, ready to deliver! Constructed of 100% 3/4" white pine and pine plywood for the ultimate in "live Wood" tonal bliss. Available in closed or open back.

PINETONE's lacquered cabinets are sprayed with multiple base and clear coats of high quality nitrocellulose lacquer then polished by hand for a lustrous finish.

Photos of Lacquer Cabinets:

PT112C (1x12") Cabinet Front PT112C (1x12") Cabinet Front PT112C (1x12") Cabinet Back

Photos of Tolex Cabinets:



Loaded with your choice of Eminence Patriot, RedCoat or Lengend 12" speaker to fit any music genre from Jazz, Blues, Country, Rock and Metal.

PT112 Custom Cabinet 

Finished Empty Cab, Complete without Speaker


$249 +Shipping

$499 +Shipping

Eminence Patriot: Black Powder, Cannabis Rex, Ragin Cajun, Red,White And Blues, Screamin Eagle, Swamp Thang, Texas Heat, The Copperhead, Delta Demon
Eminence Redcoat: The Governor, Man O War, Private Jack, RamRod, The ToneSpotter, The Tonker, The Wizard
Eminence Legend: 1218, 1258, GB128, V128

$319 +Shipping
$549 +Shipping

Eminence Patriot: Commonwealth, Maverick, Lil Texas

Eminence Redcoat:  Big Ben, Reignmaker, Tonkerlite

$419 +Shipping
$649 +Shipping

Eminence Patriot: Black Mountain, Canis Major

Eminence Redcoat:  Red Fang

$519 +Shipping
$749 +Shipping

4 ohm, 8 ohm, 16 ohm cab

Optional Wood Valance click for more info



24"W X 20"H X 11"D
28 lbs empty ( Approx )


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