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Cabinet Construction:

Clear 1x12 pine ripped, jointed, dado and dovetail joints cut.


  Rear frame assembly is constructed using a lap joint, glued then nailed. This frame will be glued and fitted into the dado joint.

2x12 Pine 3/4" thick baffle


  2x12 Assembled.

2x12 rear center pine brace is glued and screwed to add additional strength to the baffle and cabinet structure.

  A router is used to cut the holes in our 2x12 cabs for a perfect fit of the steel bar handles.

A closer look of the dovetail joints used on all our cabinetry.


  Our 1x12 cabinet prepped, ready for finish.

The speaker cloth is stapled to the 3/4" solid pine frame. Here the pieces are dry fitted before finishing.

  Finished 1x12 cabinet in its "closed back" configuration.

Finished 1x12 cabinet seen here in its "open Back" configuration.

  Finished 1x12 ready to Rock!

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