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PINETONE JTM Style Head Cabinet:


Just like the rest of our cabinets in the PINETONE stable, our head cabs feature 3/4 clear white pine, dovetail joinery. Available for purchase unfinished, tolexed, lacquered or a combination of tolex and lacquer finish. Optional piping delete available.


Photo of Finished and Unfinished Cabinets:

 Unfinished Head Cabinet  Unfinished Head Cabinet  Finished Black Head Cabinet
 Finished Black Head Cabinet  Finished Black Head Cabinet  


PINETONE Head Cabinet


Unfinished Cab, no hardware

$125 +Shipping

Finished Cab

$179 +Shipping
$279 +Shipping



Dimensions - 26.25"W X 9.25"H X 8.75"D 
Accepts Chassis up to 21.75"W X 6.75"D
Front Valance Chassis Controls Cutout - 16.50"W X 2"H

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