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At PINETONE we pride ourselves in crafting the best guitar cabinetry using only the finest materials and building techniques. Our cabinets are engineered of 100% solid 3/4" white pine, the baffles and back are 3/4" pine plywood. Dovetail & dado joint construction is used in all our cabinetry, inside joints are seamed with construction adhesive to add strength and to ensure only the tightest response. We offer our cabinets in a variety of colors in both tolex and nitrocellulose lacquer finishes or a mix of the two.

We also do our best at PINETONE to use products made in America, such as Eminence speakers, Mellotone speaker cloth, Gloss-Flo lacquers, Switchcraft jacks, and JSC speaker wire..

Each and every PINETONE cabinet we manufacture is crafted by hand.

For the ultimate in pine-tingling tone, it MUST be PINETONE!




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